University of Colorado Laser Engineer in Boulder, Colorado

Design and implement a Z-Scan for MWIR and LWIR nonlinear optical material characterization and a high harmonic generation system to support the laser-ARPES experiments in the Dessau group. Z-Scan measurements will be performed at 3-5 microns and 8-10 microns to determine the nonlinear refractive index and two-photon absorption of solid-state samples. High harmonic generation from a Ti:Sapphire laser system will produce pulses of 9eV and 22eV. The position requires a subject matter expert in solid-state physics and nonlinear optics with demonstrated experimental expertise engineering ultrafast Ti:Sapp laser systems, high power ultrafast systems, Nd:YAG lasers, nonlinear optical spectroscopies, and UHV systems. Data acquisition and analysis requires software and programming experience with Labview and MatLab.

Job: *Faculty

Organization: *B0001 -- Boulder Campus

Title: Laser Engineer

Location: Boulder

Requisition ID: 11409